What is a folio?  A folio is similar to a portfolio of matted prints, although it isn't housed in a portfolio box, doesn't involve mattes, and is generally smaller in size.  At a minimum, a folio contains a title page, text relating to the work, a list of prints, the requisite copyright information and, of course, the prints.  A folio can contain from 5 to 25 prints or more, sequenced in a coherent manner.  All of this is housed in a heavy, folded cover.

Why make a folio?  The simple answer is that it is an easy, concise, and coherent way to present a body of work without all the complications, expense, and bulk of a traditional portfolio of matted prints, or the expense and labor associated with the production of a book.  While digitally produced work is more easily presented in this manner, silver and palladium prints are equally suitable for this type of presentation.

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